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  1. Understand how Outlook, in its current configuration, is so difficult to keep control over.
  2. Learn why these problems will not be resolved by Microsoft.
  3. Get insights into what you need to turn the tables and get full control over your inbox.

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Get completely organized now!

This smart add-in to MS Outlook enables you to file and find email without your hands ever leaving the keyboard.

All LeanMail smart add-ins work with Outlook 13 and higher including Microsoft 365.
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Why sweat it?

Let LeanMail's modularized system do the work for you. we've been making life in people's inboxes easier for the past 13 years. Instead of tips and tricks, we offer a proven solution that's guaranteed to transform your inbox from a hate-object to a production line and dashboard you can count on to maximize your performance in Microsoft Outlook — including Office365.


Mix and Match

Like Lego bricks, you can choose one, two, or all  five LeanMail solutions. Try them separately and then decide.  All our add-ins have a 30-day free trial period, and during that time you'll receive all the live support you need.


"Wow - what a great assistant in my daily work!"

Magnus Weberg
Country Manager, Sweden

"I am so happy that I went through this training"

Joann Canaday
Human Resources Director Sodexo

"This is really one of the best "gifts" I have been given in my time at DHL"

Anders Ullerup
Manager CS Systems, DHL Express

"I have gone from the point of being skeptical to being addicted to LeanMail. "

Eva Søndergaard
Financial Controller ALD Automotive

"It makes Outlook easy... I love it!"

Daniel Garcia
Human Resources Sodexo

"I have a total overview over my e-mail and I know which ones I need to take action on"

Susanne Fog Nøttrup
Marketing Coordinator Sanofi Aventis

"I have reduced the time I spend on e-mails by at least 50%"

Tim Sandholdt Jensen
Head of HR Ericcson

"It would actually be cruel to withdraw the tool"

Pascale Sciacaluga
BDR Marketing Department Manager Caisse d'Epargne Bank

"LeanMail has helped me ensure that I never lose mails..."

Sonia L. Glubisz Crifling
Senior Licensing Executive Microsoft

"I can't imagine working in Outlook without LeanMail"

Mira Würtz
Marketing Coordinator Sanofi-Aventis

"I can fully recommend the LeanMail solution to anybody"

Martin Trolle
General Admin Manager TechData

"What would happen if it were used by more people in the company?"

Antonio Pusole
Regionalleiter ALK-Abelló

"LeanMail gave us all a new view of Outlook and all the possibilities within"

Helene Kimø
International HR Management DONG Energy A/S

"LeanMail is the next best thing since the sliced bread"

Waleed Mphaga
Customer Service Manager Hoya SA

"I love LEAN mail"

Trine Langelund
VP Information Technology Teleca AB

"To end every day with an empty inbox is simply fantastic!"

Jette Magnussen
Key Account Manager DISCOVER A/S

"LeanMail is one of the easiest plug-in/software that I have used together with Outlook"

Anders Landenstad
Quality Control Engineer Areva NP

A proven method that has past the test of time instead of tips and tricks

LeanMail is a proven solution based on methodologies that include Lean Six-sigma and GTD. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and thousands of users all over the world for over 14 years.

We provide the software and several ways to receive training including live, virtual, and on-line.

Dependable software

Different strokes for different folks

Three separate game-changing add-ins that bolt seemlessly on to Microsoft Outlook (Windows only).  Try one, two or all three to boost your productivity five-fold.

Professional training

Training any way you like:

Corporate face-to-face
Virtual with a live instructor
Blended - combined ftf with virtual
On-line training

24/7 Support

All the support you could possibly need:

Live Zoom / Skype / MS TeamsVideo


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For Outlook users connected to
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